We are currently looking for Registered Nurses, who collaborate in our wellness project for clients and who want to develop their career in a multicultural environment learning at the same time the Dutch work system.

Structure of the employment plan until you get your registration in BIG:

1 Phase: You will start working as a Nurse IO. Your contract will be 36 hours and 16 hours will be dedicated to studying Dutch until you reach A2.

2 Phase: Once you have reached Level A2, you will work 28 hours as a Nurse IO and the rest will be dedicated to studying Dutch.

3 Phase: Before receiving the registration in BIG you will work 36 hours as Nurse IO.

4 Phase: You will already have the BIG registration, and you will be able to work as a Registered Nurse in the Netherlands.



• Working hours: 36 hours a week.

• Monthly salary without extra payment:

-Phase 1: € 1940.07 gross / month

-Phase 2: € 2,061.31 gross / month

-Phase 3: € 2601.70 gross / month

-Phase 4: € 2668.93 gross / month

Two extra payments: Christmas and 8% of the annual Gross salary (not included in the monthly salary)

• Bonuses for working irregular hours.



What do we require?

• Recent graduates or with the University Degree in Nursing.

• Nationality of a country belonging to the European Union.

• "Hart voor de Zorg": Passion for caring for others.

• Anticipation of customer needs.

• Assume the responsibility, proactivity and independence that home work requires.

• Knowledge of mental health (you can work with clients who have Alzheimer's, Schizophrenia ...)

• Positive attitude, flexibility, passion for work and caring for people.

• Motivation for working in Amsterdam and in a multicultural environment.

• Handling the bicycle.

• Possibility of bringing a computer or tablet to take the course.



• We pay for your plane ticket.

• Free Dutch course and within your working day.

• Coach: we help you with all the necessary documentation to live in Amsterdam (registration, bank account, medical insurance) as well as in the homologation and registration as a Nurse in the Netherlands.

• Holidays 1 month.

• Contract of a minimum of 12 months with the possibility of permanent.

• Workday of 36 hours / week.

• Personalized career plan.

• Subsidized Dutch course from level 0.

• Support in the homologation of the Nursing Degree.

• Two extra payments.

• Plus per hour in irregular hours (from 22% to 60%)

• We work with public institutions in the Netherlands.

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ΤΕΛΕΥΤΑΙΑ ΕΝΗΜΕΡΩΣΗ: 13.01.21, 17:00
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